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Alcohol Peripheral Neuropathy

Alcohol peripheral neuropathy, as suggested by the name, is a condition resulting from excess consumption of alcohol. Here, the peripheral nerves get seriously impacted and, these are the nerves that enable signal transmission between spinal cord, body and brain.
Excess alcohol intake gravely depletes the levels of niacin, folate, vitamins B6 and B12 in your body. And, these are the nutrients that are vital to proper working of the peripheral nervous system.

Alcohol Peripheral Neuropathy- Signs and Symptoms
Here, it would be appropriate to briefly focus on the major signs and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy of this type.

ü  Numbness in legs and hands
ü  Pricking sensation
ü  Cramps/aches of muscles
ü  Weakness of muscles
ü  Diarrhea/constipation
ü  Vomiting/nausea
ü  Disorders related to movement
ü  Problems with speech

We need to understand that it is not necessary that the patient experiences all these symptoms; they could have only few of these signs. The exact neuropathy symptoms obviously do vary from one person to another

More about Alcohol Peripheral Neuropathy
The following are some more key points that will help you to have a basic understanding of the condition:

ü  Generally, alcohol peripheral neuropathy does not endanger the person’s life; but it surely impacts the quality of life.
ü  Nothing can be done about the already-present nerve damage in hands and feet/other sites of body. But, immediate cessation of alcohol will prevent more damage and thus betters the chances of significant improvement in health.
ü  It has been projected that roughly 50 percent of long-term alcoholics suffer peripheral neuropathy.
ü  And, most of these people pertain to the age group of 40-60.
Diagnosis of Peripheral Neuropathy
Apart from the usual blood tests, scans, etc, there are few other tests that are specific to alcohol peripheral neuropathy diagnosis. You will now have a glimpse of these.

Ø  Nerve conduction test: This test measures the pace with which the electrical signals travel in your nerves. Obviously, when peripheral neuropathy is present, the pace will be very low.
Ø  Electromyography: The muscular electrical activity is ascertained with electromyography. And, detection of irregular electrical activity leads to diagnosis of this form of neuropathy.
Ø  Skin biopsy: This is very helpful to detect the condition in initial stages. A very small skin fragment is taken out and studied with a microscope. The corresponding nerve fiber density is determined and, an abnormally low density indicates that it is a case of neuropathy.
Ø  Nerve biopsy: Here, a tiny portion of a nerve is removed and examined in the same way as that of skin biopsy.

Artificial Pancreas Treatment (APT) and Alcohol Peripheral Neuropathy
The sophisticated artificial pancreas treatment is an excellent way to treat alcohol peripheral neuropathy. The nerves, which have been subjected to starvation by neuropathy, instantly start to get nourishment, courtesy APT. Remember; you can be benefited from the treatment only when you totally quit alcohol consumption.  

The Indian Associate of US-based Trina Healthcare, Koya Diabetes Care operating in Hyderabad is here to give you the crucial artificial pancreas treatment. In fact, Koya is the one and only medical establishment of the sub-continent specializing in APT. It is ready with its expertise to change your life for the better!

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