Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Living with Diabetic Neuropathy

It is projected that diabetic neuropathy is a condition that impacts roughly 65% of the diabetics. This is more so when the blood glucose levels remain uncontrolled for abnormally long periods.
There are two types of this condition – peripheral neuropathy and autonomic neuropathy, with the former being the one seen in majority of cases. In this write-up, you will see as to how to live with diabetic neuropathy as well as the right treatment for the issue.

Physical Discomfort of Diabetic Neuropathy
The physical discomfort resulting from diabetic neuropathy is rather bothersome. There will be numbness/tingling sensation at feet/legs/ arms. In slightly advanced cases of the condition, the patient needs to put up even with excruciation pain.  

How to Live with Diabetic Neuropathy? 
Obviously, it is only when you get the most appropriate treatment for the issue that you can be almost fully redeemed of painful neuropathy. Yet, there definitely are certain things that you can do on your own, to prevent the things from going fully out of control. Please make a note of some of these vital guidelines.

Ø  Make sure that you bring the blood glucose levels under control at the earliest. You will be surprised to see that this small step will give substantial neuropathy pain relief.
Ø  Along with blood sugar levels, it is equally essential that even the blood pressure and body weight are kept under check.
Ø  Ensure that you always move around with slippers or shoes, so that you can safeguard the feet from injuries.
Ø  Take the analgesics prescribed by your physician.
Ø  Use the patches/creams for external application, as suggested by the doctor.
Ø  Try relaxation techniques like mediation, deep breathing, etc. Do not underestimate their ability to help you in managing the physical distress.
Ø  It is extremely crucial that you completely quit tobacco smoking and liquor. Otherwise, all the other self-help measures will be futile.
Ø  Just understand that you have a problem and that your pace must be modified accordingly.
Ø  Even few antidepressant medications will assist you in pain management, by working on the centers in brain related to pain perception. Remember, these medicines can be used only under medical supervision.
Ø  Be regular in providing feedback to your healthcare provider. This will enable them to promptly modify the treatment pattern, as and when needed. 

If you religiously adhere to the above guidelines, you can carry on with your daily routine with no major issues. There is no reason for you to develop a fatalistic attitude. However, it has to be highlighted that these guidelines have only a palliative effect; it is only the right treatment that will drastically improve things, on a long-term basis.

Artificial Pancreas Treatment (APT) Treats Diabetic Neuropathy
Yes! The sophisticated APT is the most effective treatment for reversing diabetic neuropathy. The APT brings about a significant improvement in the metabolism of blood glucose and, this nourishes the nerves that were hitherto subjected to starvation. This in turn treats the neuropathy and, you do not have to wait too long to experience the much-needed relief.  

The Koya Diabetes Care based in Hyderabad is here to help you out with the artificial pancreas treatment. There is only one medical facility in India offering APT and, it is Koya, which is an associate of Trina Healthcare headquartered in USA. Count upon this diabetes treatment in Hyderabad and you won’t be disappointed.  

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