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Diabetes Neuropathy Pain

Diabetes neuropathy is a condition resulting from having uncontrolled diabetes for a long duration. Here, the nerves get damaged leading to various forms of discomfort such as numbness, tingling/burning sensation, and pain, etc. It is worth noting that symptoms like tingling sensation and numbness, etc, are felt during the very initial stages of the condition.
In this particular write-up, we will focus only on the aspect of pain related to neuropathy and which is experienced with the progression of neuropathy.  

Diabetes Neuropathy Pain – More Details
Let us now attempt to get more details of the pain associated with diabetic neuropathy.

Ø  In major chunk of the cases, the pain is a direct outcome of peripheral neuropathy- the condition that directly attacks the nerves.
Ø  As the neuropathy advances in the body, the person can feel pain in their legs and arms. In fact, this pain keeps aggravating during nighttime.
Ø  The pain attributable to neuropathy can be rather severe because; the damaged nerves direct more electrical signals towards brain than what actually are required. As an obvious consequence of that, even simple activities that are in no way painful cause excruciating pain.
Ø  This nerve pain is diametrically opposite to muscular pain, as the latter is just a response to something that actually happened. Whenever there is an injury, the nerves in your muscle emit electrical signals that are proportionate to the actual impact. And, the moment the injury is cured, the pain vanishes. But neuropathy pain completely blows things out of proportion.

Self-Help Tips to Manage Neuropathy Pain
Of course, getting the right medical treatment is the only way to be assured of diabetic neuropathy pain relief. But, there are some self-help tips that will surely help you to keep the pain under control, to a reasonable extent.

ü  First and foremost, exercise a tight control over the level of blood glucose. With this, you can slow down the damage to nerves and which in turn helps to minimize pain severity.
ü  Do not fail to note the very early signs of diabetic neuropathy and seek immediate guidance from your physician.
ü  Make it a point to carefully check the feet daily for any blisters/cuts.
ü  Rinse the feet using lukewarm water, minimum one time per day.
ü  First cover the feet with socks and only then wear shoes.
ü  Make sure that your toenails are always trimmed. Do not grow the toenail lest it cuts into the other toe.
ü  Stay away from all forms of tobacco smoking, for it just worsens the problem.

APT (Artificial Pancreas Treatment) Alleviates Diabetes Neuropathy Pain
It is understandable, if you have started to worry on reading the contents above. Diabetic neuropathy in general and, its pain in particular are indeed grave issues! But relax! You will now read about the most appropriate treatment that will soon better the things.
The advanced artificial pancreas treatment of neuropathy slowly but surely reverses the condition and in the process, even the pain gets obviously alleviated. This is because of the fact that APT regularizes the glucose metabolism and when this balance is restored, marked improvement in your condition is guaranteed.   

An associate of the US-based Trina Healthcare, Koya Diabetes Care is here to take care of the things for you. Koya, operating in Hyderabad, is one and only medical facility of India that offers top class APT. Just get in touch with this Hyderabad diabetes neuropathy treatment center and, you will be in safe hands.


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